Brighouse Bay Trekking Centre

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Brighouse  Bay Trekking Centre.

Brighouse Bay Trekking has been established since the 1970's and is adjacent to the five star Brighouse Bay Holiday Park

We offer trekking, hacking and tuition on trustworthy native ponies from experienced and qualified staff.  Most of our ponies are Highlands and Fells - sure footed and safe ponies who instil confidence in their rider

We  also run Starter and Walking Treks, which are great for beginners, from 30 - 45 minutes (minimum age is 8).  Slow, Fast and Beach Hacks, these are for the more experienced riders and last 45 minutes (minimum age 10 and 12 for the Beach Hack), and our Weenie Riders which  are for any age giving younger children and new riders a chance to build their confidence whilst being led by a member of our team for a 10-15 minute walk and introduction to riding. Lessons are also available as well as ' Own-A-Pony' sessions and Saturday Club where riders can work towards TRESS Level Awards.

Prices depend on what your participating in and the length of the activitiy, although membership is available for our more regular customers.

Brighouse Bay Trekking has its own personalised logo.  Polo shirts, baseball caps, jackets, etc can all be purchased in many colours with a contrasting logo on the front left breast and large logo on the back.